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Sunshine State Bottle Bill

Florida is a state built on tourism, with our beautiful beaches drawing people from all over the country and world. The environment is the economy in Florida!
Currently 10 states have bottle bill laws; they recycle more containers than all other states combined.

Florida recycles only 19% of aluminum cans and 12% of plastic bottles out of an average 36 MILLION used each DAY. Thirty-million cans and bottles end up in landfills, beaches, roadsides, streets, water ways and other places. In contrast, bottle bill states have an average recycling rate of 75 to 80%.

A Sunshine State Bottle Bill would be a major step forward in achieving the 75% recycling rate that Florida has committed to achieving by 2020. Getting to 75% translates to 27 MILLION cans and bottles not wasted every DAY in Florida.

Activist Tools and Information
Please feel free to use or adapt below materials in your efforts towards achieving a Sunshine State Bottle Bill.

Our brochure:

Download our Sunshine State Bottle Bill Brochure
Can be passed out at tabling events and meetings

Sunshine State Bottle Bill Petition
Gather signatures of support - send completed petitions to:
Linda Demler, Sierra Club
1990 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, Florida 33712

Sunshine State Bottle Bill Presentation (PDF format)
Sunshine State Bottle Bill Presentation (Powerpoint format)
Use at informational meetings, city or town hall presentations and other venues to build support, educate, and gather resolutions of support from local city and council governments, businesses and organizations.

Sunshine State Bottle Bill Resolution
Send completed Resolutions of Support to:
Linda Demler, Sierra Club
1990 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, Florida 33712

Volunteers Needed:

Do you want to help clean up Florida and your county?
The Sierra Club Florida Waste Minimization team is looking for individuals to help with local recycling teams. We need to educate citizens and legislators about the proposed bottle bill which will be presented to the Florida Legislature this fall. If you are interested, please email for more details.

For more information on Bottle Bills please visit

Join our Facebook page at: Facebook WMC

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